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Plasma parameters


The machine parameters, some of which are resumed and compared with those of JET and ITER in the following table, have been chosen in order to obtain a high peak density plasma (n0 ~10^21 m^-3), a high mean poloidal magnetic field (Bp~ 3.75 T) with a correspondingly large toroidal plasma current (Ip≤11 MA) and a low poloidal beta (βp0<p>/Bp^2 ~0.2, where <p> is the volume averaged plasma pressure).
The evolution of the plasma that Ignitor can produce has been reconstructed by means of numerical simulations mainly performed with a specialized version of the JETTO code
Given the high value of the central density, the combined database of well confined plasmas with n
0 above 10^20 m^-3 as the ones provided by the Alcator A, C and C-Mod machines, and by FTU, have been used to provide a solid and reliable foundation for the extrapolation to Ignitor [2], [3], [4].

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